Monday, February 16, 2009

Set List - February 14 & 15

This weekend was the third message (Divorce) in our series through the Sermon on the Mount called "6 Degrees of Separation" at Preston Trail Community Church ( The set list was as follows:

Worship Leader - Warren Jacobs

Instrumental Opener: "Shine"
Worship Set: "Remain" (D) - Starfield & "Hosanna" (G) - Paul Baloche
Feature Song: "Lie Low" - Plumb
Worship Response: "From the Inside Out" (F) - Hillsong United

This was a very meaningful service. Many people feeling a need to renew their marriages, others receiving grace for past broken relationships and wanting to be made whole before entering into their next relationship and some just being very grateful for the wonderful marriage they have :)

Next week, we continue our series with "Deception" -

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