Friday, February 6, 2009

Bigger Than Yourself

So, last week (Jan 23-Jan 31), I recorded an album called, "Bigger Than Yourself". Release will be April 1st (hopefully!). I helped in writing one worship tune called, "You Are God". My producer & friend, Rod Padgett wrote 5 of the originals and they are incredible! And, I did 5 covers - "Rescue", "Draw Me Close", "Indescribable", "Tis So Sweet", and "My Glorious". 

It was an amazing experience! Being around that many talented musicians in one room was enough to blow me away. And, even the most amazing thing, is that they are ALL so humble! It was a great group to work with on this project. I definitely had to face some of my insecurities head on and still working through them, but, I wouldn't been TRULY faced with them if I had not stepped out with this project. Trying to find balance between promoting something that you've done and not feeling like you're like "HEY! Look at ME!" is very difficult for me. I tend to just NOT want to promote it, but, I know that would not be good stewardship on my part with what God has given me.

I'll definitely keep you up to speed with the progress of this journey :)

1 comment:

  1. Laura,

    How exciting!! I am thrilled for you and know that God has big, big things planned for you!! You are truly talented and as I have told you, make me cry when you sing. I consider it a blessing, so Thank You and Praise God!!

    I can't wait to get your album!!

    Amy Call