Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Set List - April 11 & 12

All I can say about this weekend, is "WOW!" It was such an amazing service and I know the Lord was pleased with what we brought to Him :)

We had an unusual Easter service, in that, we did not hit the narrative of the Easter story in the message. Instead of hitting the "What?" of Easter, we hit the "So What?" of Easter. We are in a series called, "Axioms" and today's message was on "seeking first God's kingdom". So, now that Christ has died, He's risen, and brought freedom and salvation, what is our next step, or 'so what' for today. 
We had a marketing campaign, "" to hit the economic downturn we have been facing. We had this on a billboard, car stickers, and handed out dollar bills with the logo. I believe it was a very successful campaign. And, today, at Preston Trail, we are having a Job Search Bootcamp where employers who are looking to hire will have a booth set up ready to talk to perspective employees.

Our actual weekend service, included some REALLY interesting, creative ways to share the Easter story up top before we hit the message:

"Can You Feel It" by David Crowder - included video, a rapper (Manafest), scratcher, turn tables
IT WAS AWESOME! And a great way to kick off the service!

Worship Set:
"Marvelous Light" - Charlie Hall
"Mighty to Save" - Laura Story version

Video Announcements

Theme Interp: set up the next song, but, also why we weren't doing the narrative of the Easter story in the message

Feature Song:
"Glorious Day" by Jeff Johnson including a video of the accounts leading up to his Crucifixion. It was such a powerful segment!

"Seek first the Kingdom of God"

Closing Feature Song:
"Free" by Manafest and he was there in person to do it! It was Incredible! We've never had a rapper before, but, he did an amazing job! If you haven't checked him out - click here

Overall, it was an incredible day! I am SO proud of our church and the creative team. I know the the Lord definitely blessed the work of our hands and above all, HE was glorified!

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend Set List - April 4 & 5

Today, we started our new series called, "Axioms". Today's was "where your treasure is, there your heart will be also". It was a very rich service and looking forward to the next 5 weeks of it. Here's what we did:

Instrumental Opener:
"Chariot" - Gavin Degraw (always a great opener when used)

Video Welcome:
just recently started using these and have helped on time and transitions, but, we're still evaluating the personableness of not having an actual person on stage

Worship Set:
"All to You" - Lincoln Brewster
"Because of Your Love" - 

Video Announcements: 
Able to make alot of information into a short amount of time, and able to keep audience engaged

Message - "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also"

"None But Jesus" - Hillsong (first time to do this song - was sung as a feature, but, will bring back as a worship song)

Wrap Up/Dismiss

Again, great rich service! If you want to listen to it, go check out our podcasts.

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