Monday, March 2, 2009

Set List: Feb 28-March 1

WOW! What an amazing day! One of our senior pastors talked on the subject of "revenge". That deep down we have an inner desire to give people what they deserve but Jesus taught us something different in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5:38-42). We are to respond with mercy and grace. Mercy being not giving people what they deserve and grace, giving them what they don't deserve. I love those definitions.

He called us to start thinking differently about having to get even, about our honor/self-esteem and our assets. Above all, God said it is HIS job to avenge, not ours. We are the Lords. If God is FOR US, than who can be against us. Let's trust Him for that!

The day:

Instrumental Opener: 
"Hanging By a Moment"

Worship Set:
"Forever King" (D) - Todd Fields
"O Praise Him" (G) - David Crowder
"Because of Your Love" (G) - Paul Baloche

Sermon Set Up: "Charlie Bit My Finger" youtube video (very cute)

Feature Song (after message):
"Sweet Revenge" by Barlow Girl (INCREDIBLE SONG! - Check out lyrics!)

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It was a great day! Thank you God!


  1. Hanging by a Moment - is that lifehouse in your worship set? : )
    love those guys.

    Charlie bit my finger may be my most favorite youtube video ever.

  2. Awe... I love the Charlie bit my finger video! Cool you found a way to incorporate it in service :).

  3. Fantastic way of bringing what is popular into worship with the video choice! I applaud you all!